Our Story

Hello and Welcome to our site

Hi, I’m Maggie, a curious girl living in Brooklyn New York who also happens to be a vegan and a wine lover. I grew up in Beijing and finished two degrees with Fashion Design & Textile Science. I started my career in design and fashion in 2007. I was fortunate enough to have learned skills and experiences in my life from traveling and through the people I have met. I have also had the opportunity to live in Canada, Thailand and currently the United States.  In my life, I have always chosen the bumpy but beautiful path.


Hi, I'm Edi, a dedicated and award-winning fine art and commercial photographer, photo-book author. My fascination and journey with photography began in 2002, gravitating towards symmetry I photographed scenes at random in the world around me and during travels.

“A few years ago Maggie and I traveled to Tibet and it was here that she developed her love for Tibetan incense and mandala and I my passion for black and white photography. After traveling to numerous places we ended up in New York City where we enjoy watching the waves at Coney Island. We love fulfilling our creative energies through photography, sewing and creating handmade goods. Our life experiences have brought us here to Soulmade Arts, where we have put all our love, energy and passion.” – Edi


We strive: "To do something with soul, creativity and love"


Soulmate Arts Shop is based in Brooklyn, New York. We specialize in zen-like crafts and fine art photographs which communicate with your inner self and bring about peace, joy, compassion, and freedom. Soulmade Arts creates not only works of art but also works of the heart. Our definition of living is a personal life attitude, a lifestyle which you choose, one that can be shared and promotes self-improvement. Our intentions are to share experiences and enthusiasm for art. All of our art is handmade and hand selected and convey inner peace and emotions.

The subjective awareness behind Soulmade Arts Designs is inspired by the aesthetics of a ZEN lifestyle and a creative pursuit of “beauty”.

In the haste of day to day living,
they serve to remind you of who you are.


We believe: Everything comes in time.


We are not really a big fan of labels but we do appreciate design and high quality works. We also try to avoid over-consumption and non-environmental friendly materials, which is why you will find that almost all of our items will have neither. What you will find are items that stand the test of time.