How to choose a good incense

In ancient China, enjoying incense and tea rituals was all known as elegant living or high society and was called "for useless pleasure".

How to distinguish between different incenses 

Good incense made of natural materials. When you open the box, you may smell the natural herbs without strong fragrance. When you lit a incense, you may smell light myrrh fragrance.

Alway choose the incense with rough surface and natural smoke.

Choose the one make you feel fresh and calm, ‪stay away from the one make you feel dizzy.

Traditional incense is not only required careful application of raw materials but also followed by the strict processing.

Making methods of Traditional incense

Material selection:Using natural spices and herbs. Selection also considering eco-environmental protection.

Grinding:All materials grind to a fine powder.

Processing:The herbs will more pure and stable through some necessary processing.

Mixing: Following the traditional process.

Forming:Hand made。

Cellaring:Being dried naturally in the air. Combining the spices and herbs organically.

Packaging:Select the container according to the properties of the incense.

The so-called incense, is through the eyes, hands, nose sniffing the form of incense and other goods wholehearted appreciation of precious spices and sentiment, and in the slightly performative process, adhere pleasing and rules of the order. 

A good incense can bring us returning to a sense of ritual pursues worthies, sentiment today and enjoy the moment, with nature and into the wonderful incomparable silence.


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