108 Mala Beads Meaning

108 beads representing spiritual identity and connection with the universe. In meditation the idea is to move one bead at a time, using each movement as an opportunity to focus on a breath or mantra. This process creates positive spiritual energy.

Mala means “garland” in Sanskrit. In practice, a mala is the devoted offering of repeated cycles (typically in divisors of 108) of mantra japa or yoga asana. Within a mala, there is always a sense of beginning, continuing and completion. Both inside each individual cycle and in the practice as a whole. This three-form (trimurti) quality allows us to embody, in practice, the rhythmic cycles ever present in the natural universe: creation (srishti), sustaining (sthiti) and destruction (samhara).

The significant of 108

The number 108 has a range of significance across many different cultures and disciplines. A set of 108 beads used for meditation, prayer, mindfulness and setting intentions.
In in the field of Ayurveda, there are 108 sacred places, or marmas, in the body, identifying intersections of matter and consciousness. When manipulated, these points can awaken and align the vital energy. Members of the Vedic tradition see this number as denoting the wholeness of the universe: one represents the solar masculine, zero represents the lunar feminine and eight represents the infinite nature of all things.

Mathematicians favor the number 108 for its countless patterns and potential divisions. Through the lens of astronomy, the diameter of the sun is approximately 108 times that of earth and the distance from our planet to its solar star is, on average, 108 times the diameter of the sun. A similar parallel relationship also exists between the earth and the moon.

108 mala beads used in Buddhism and Hinduism, there are 108 beads used for prayer and mantra.

How to use your malas to meditate: 

You can use your malas to mediate anytime, anywhere. First, select a mantra, intention or prayer that you would like to repeat.

Find your mantra: 

You can focus your mantra on yourself or on others. There are many to choose from, in English or Sanskrit. Choose the right one for you and go with it. Through your practice, your malas will become infused with the energy of your mantra and prayer. Keep in mind that some practitioners believe each mala has one unique mantra or dedicated prayer.

Feel the count: 

Find a comfortable seat and hold your malas in one hand. Start with the guru bead, the large bead at the bottom. Hold it between you thumb and middle finger, then start moving your fingers along each bead and repeating your mantra aloud or silently. The index finger represents ego, so try not to use your index finger as you count. Try closing your eyes, repeating your mantra, and feeling for the guru bead, which signifies you have reached 108.

108 MALA BEADS MEANING by SoulmadeArts

108 mala beads tell 108 life wisdom of buddhist:

1. Compassion is your the best weapon.

2. Buddha learning is learning how to be a person.

3. Silence is the best answer to defamation.

4. You should appreciate the person who told you the flaws.

5. The only talk without an act is not wisdom.

6. You should appoint at any time, because of who you are.

7. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity.

8. To be respectful to others is to be in the majesty of your own.

9. Practice in prosperity caution will never become the Buddha.

10. Practice in order to correct your wrong ideas.

11. Always be grateful to the living beings who give you adversity.

12. People who care for others will never be lonely.

13. Facing the fact to surpass the reality.

14. Be patient to get along with others.

15. This world is not perfect.

16. Today’s persistence will cause tomorrow’s regret.

17. Prideful people, not the self-contempt.

18. Teach yourself well, do not try to teach others.

19. Hating others is a big loss to yourself.

20. True asceticism no difference in heart

21. Never distorted goodwill of others, hopeless.

22. Buddha and Bodhisattva only bless those who are willing to help themselves

23. Have a selfless love, have everything.

24. The truth of life just hides in the contracted bland.

25. The reason for suffering is the pursuit of the wrong things.

26. This world is originally painful of, have no exceptional of.

27. People who love beauty just fall in love with themselves.

28. A wide range of edge is not to hurt any one person.

29. What time do you put down, when there is no trouble.

30. To admit a greatness is agreed with their own folly.

31. Be patient,  to be able to keep aloof,  willing to lonely。

32. The doctor is hard to cure died people, the Buddha is difficult to guide the sentient being.

33. Do not condone the people, do not forgive the people, are hard yourself.

34. Time pass, let time flow away from your troubles.

35. To praise and to practice, as the flowers being trampled beauty.

36. Others always right, I always wrong, this is the way free of trouble.

37. Don’t be too sure of any ideas, this way less regret.

38. Lower yourself, that is the true honor.

39. The people who flattered themselves wealthy,  in fact, they owned by fortune.

40. Brave one who creates the opportunity. Stupid one who wait opportunity.

41. Don’t waste your life, in a place you would be sorry for it.

42. Learning Buddha is a matter of conscience, not for others.

43. Silently care and blessing to others, it is an invisible generosity.

44. Understand yourself, surrender yourself, change yourself, and change others.

45.  Don’t persistent when falling in love, because the separation is inevitable.

46. It is more like lack of self-cultivation than thinking of others make your pain.

47. Tell a lie, will make ten lies to make up for, why bother?

48. Forgive others, is to leave a space in the heart to maneuver.

49. A day passes without doing nothing, just as guilty as a crime of theft.

50. Love is a cause of distress, let it go to get free.

51. It is an accident to come and necessary to leave.

52. Fate is not drifted along, live in too easily, but to do one’s level best and leave the rest to God’s will.

53. With the means to hurt others to cover up the shortcomings of their own people, is shameful.

54. The person must be responsible for the legal thing in the world. Man of practice must be responsible for Karma.

55. To take simple thing too seriously, you will be very painful.

56. Never waste every single minute, to think of anyone who you don’t like.

57. When you’re honest with yourself, no one in the world can deceive you.

58. To pay more attention to listen to others voice, don’t express your own opinion to quick.

59. Don’t feel unfortunate often, in the world, It’s more people suffering to live than us.

60. Tell more jokes, with the attitude of humor, the day will be better.

61. A little more distraction to pay attention to others, less a distraction to reflect on their own.

62. Don’t pride in your wisdom. Don’t make your humble heart lack wisdom。

63. People with a heart filled with their own views and thoughts, always hear nothing from others.

64. To accept better than to reject when it has become a fact, it is called accept fate.

65. If a person cannot forgive others from the heart, will never feel peace within themselves.

66. It only takes one sentence to destroy a person, but it takes thousands of words to cultivate a person.

67. Don’t always with eyes wide-open, 100 years later, still yours.

68. It is no shame to feel puzzled, It is the most miserable when you don’t know to confuse at all.

69. Hatred is never overcome hatred, only compassion dose, this is an eternal truth.

70. Ignorance of the people, always want others to understand. A wise man tries to know themselves.

71. If you notice the faults of all beings every day, you must repent, this is a spiritual practice.

72. Adversity is the process of shaping, to have the courage to accept adversity, life will grow stronger.

73. Don’t say other people pitiful, ourselves even more pathetic, how about self-improving and refining? How much do you know about life?

74. Tell yourself this is all unreal when you troubled, what do you worry about?

75. Heart filled with envy, no confess, vile language, does not count a man of regular features.

76. That is useless if you don’t care about other’s feeling when you give someone advise, even with beautiful words.

77. How many people say the same words of the world is really helpless and sad when the time they run out of time.

78. Everywhere you looked there was shit before you have studied Buddha. You will look at everything smoothly after you study Buddha.

79. People accept it easily when use compassion and modest attitude explain your dissatisfaction and injustice situation.

80. Please don’t always complain about somebody else, you should always practice introspection.

81. The same bottle, why do you want to install poison? The same psychological, why you fill full of trouble?

82. When you are happy, you should realize, the happiness is not eternal. When you feel pain, the pain is not eternal as well.

83. Envy brings no benefits to yourself. Envy is impossible to reduce any achievement of others.

84. To understand a person, just look at whether or not his destination as same as his starting point, we will draw the conclusions.

85. If you do not give yourself the trouble, others can not.

86. Don’t try to guess what other people think. If you don’t have the right judgment of wisdom and experience, you will always have the wrong idea.

87. You accept good than complaint, for the immutable fact, there is no better way to accept it.

88. Do not bring yourself trouble caused by ignorance of all beings. Do not suffer from the emptiness of all beings.

89. The people who do not take a bath and ware perfume will not smell good. And distinguished reputation from skill and genuine knowledge. You will naturally attract attention.

90. If you can discover your shortcomings as you watch others, you will have a extraordinary life.

91. Everything you have will belong to other people along with your death, so why not give it to those who really need them now?

92. When you are poor, then you use the body to give, such as sweeping the floor, sprinkling water, moving things, etc. This is also a kind of giving.

93. Cherish life every single day you live. I have been crying, I have no new shoes to wear. Until one day, I found someone had no feet.

94. Lack of karmic reward will often hear gossip; instead who has enough karmic reward will not available to listen any gossip at all.

95. To forgive no matter how bad he was, even he once hurt you and you must let go, to get a real happiness.

96. The person who with deeply obstacle see others faults all day long, spiritual practitioners never see the others mistake and weakness.

97. All bad phenomena forms are seen as unreal, don’t inferiority yourself. All good phenomena also unreal, don’t proud of yourself.

98. No need to go back to see who curse you? If a mad dog attacks you, will you revenge him on your fours?

99. Never see others faults is the first concept of learning Budda. You will fool yourself when you see others faults, and will learn nothing.

100. Do not angry or mad at someone who said you were bad. Do not happy with someone who said you were good, bad coming from good, good coming from bad.

101. Facing everything with smile, no complain. Carefree, follow the heart, live the way you like, let things develop as it‘s own way.

102. Praise and compliment are not a useful way of a good teacher. A good teacher guide and lead us to make progress of spiritual practice

103. Don’t blame for being sick, disasters, and see how many life died by your sword.

104. Everyone has life, but not everyone understand life,and cherish life. For those who do not understand life, life is a punishment for them.

105. Love is not a charity. Affection is no formula, no principle, no reason to follow.

106. There is no bad people, only people with bad habit, everyone has a bad habit, just difference depths. As long as a person has a good heart, learn to forgive them, do not tread them as a bad proson.

107. To forgive the differences between people,life will be easier. To learn how to be paitient with someone, instead of want to change someone to make you feel frustrate.

108. We believe that something always be the perfect that don’t belong to you, that is because you know very little about it.

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